The Slow Death of the Humanities: English Edition

“The Slow Death of the Humanities: English Edition” is the first column of a Collegian series which will discuss the fight to keep humanities and liberal arts programs as integral offerings on Butler’s academic menu. The gradual removal of such degree plans is a national issue. As more and more universities expand STEM and business programs, higher education is often given a singular, depressing goal: to groom a future workforce.

LambdaGate: Updates on the Lambda Chi turf war

The original proposal for a redesigned Beta Lane, which is currently a road between Alpha Chi Omega (right) and the abandoned TKE house (right). Photos obtained by the Collegian. Universities are businesses. They provide a product: a college experience, which is meticulously marketed as polished and pricelessly valuable. Private universities, like Butler, take this to the next level. The campus is stunning, the professors are invested, and the administration seems to want nothing but the best

The resilient scams of 2018

Example of a Ray-Bans scam ad. Photo courtesy of Vice The con artist is a unique breed — their work is either laughable or connivingly believable. Fraudulent schemes within the digital world aren’t new, and some of them have inexplicably survived for years. Classic scams are underappreciated. Who doesn’t love a good Ponzi scheme or multi-level marketer? Amidst significant threats to cybersecurity and rampant identity theft, it’s sort of amazing, honestly, that some of the more ridiculous hoaxe

BUPD’s spooky sense of humor

The Butler University Police Department, located on Hampton Drive and down the street from Butler’s Greek houses. Collegian file photo. Every October, Butler University Police Department treats the student body to a little spook. Last year, it was a hush-hush armed robbery. You know, The One Where The Gunmen Got Away. This year’s trick-or-treat comes in the form of subtweeting the silly, terrorized girl who made the responsible decision of calling 911 when she believed she was being stalked. U

Collegiate stereotypes of social media users

Amidst social media’s pathetic data breaches, one algorithm is made perfectly clear: how college kids use social media. It’s too easy to categorize our identities on these platforms. Any occasion turns into an endless photo shoot for the Model, who racks up hundreds of likes and annoys countless others. They assume everyone is enamored with the shameless self-obsession exhibited in each fake candid. Their accounts are sponsored by the tireless efforts of loyal friends, who are only there to mak

Butler students attend Washington’s March for Our Lives

Last weekend, Butler students piled handmade posters into their trunks and left snowy campus behind, to join 800,000 people in Washington, D.C. On March 24, as part of the March for Our Lives movement, we were incredibly moved by this peaceful rally aimed at bringing attention to America’s horrifyingly prevalent gun violence issue. It is typical for marches, rallies or protests to attract a specific demographic of participants. For example, the national Women’s Marches attracted a female major

State of the Butler Cultural Requirement, students’ bad behavior

President James Danko’s 2018 State of the University addressed a plethora of Butler-related news, but neglected to touch on the disturbing mannerisms plaguing a corner of our campus: the state of students at Butler Cultural Requirement activities. In the day of instant virtual entertainment and 12-second attention spans, it’s understandably hard to sit through two-hour Bach concerti. There’s no fast-forward, no ESC key. Maybe you’d

February slump: how to survive until Spring Break

It’s February in Indiana. Nine out of 10 people on this campus are nose-deep in Kleenex, dragging their Bean-Booted feet to class through the slush that never fully melts. No amount of CeraVe will save our dehydrated skin; no amount of prayers send class cancellations into our Outlook inboxes. Why do we get up in the morning? Why not hibernate with a sickeningly-sweet latte in our twin-size dorm bed, drooling on ourselves until Netflix’s “Are You Still Watching?” prompt makes us self-conscious?

RoastMyProfessor, a guide to Butler teachers by college

Let’s play Profile the Professor! Pick a college, any college. Put down a marker every time you can name an instructor who fits the description. First one to bingo wins a subpar salary and an elitist attitude! Most sport the trendiest haircut from a favorite literary era. Their shampooing and combing regimens also reflect those of the ancients. Every week is Jordan Hall Fashion Week for these enlightened trendsetters. They’re more likely to abide by citation rules than seasonal style rules, ex